「ALPHAVILLE Alpha Town Science Fiction · Immersive Block」

Alpha Town Science Fiction Immersion Block

Alpha Town Science Fiction Immersion Block is the largest science fiction immersion entertainment base in Jiangsu Province. The first floor is a bar with entertainment functions, which is operated independently.

main core area

Science fiction game theater "Alpha Town Infinite Joni"

The 2000-square-meter sci-fi game theater in the main core area is a special area "Alpha Town" that integrates immersive parallel reality experience (ARG), immersive reality drama, high-tech light and shadow shaping and other cutting-edge immersive experience techniques. The stage design is completed by the domestic first-line team returning from overseas. The overall design style is cyberpunk futuristic, and the story is kept updated at high frequency. It is an open world role-playing theater with infinite exploration possibilities. The latest script of the sci-fi game theater "Alpha Town Infinite Joni" , It is a live-action role-playing game composed of 8 different types of popular social games + 1 high-confrontation single-player game, perfectly integrated into drama and dance performances .

Negative first floor commercial block

Immersive RPG puzzle game "Dream Back to Jinling City II·Twilight Spring Hunting"

The commercial block on the first floor is a brand-new space with curatorial retail as the mainstay, supplemented by IP stores. It gathers the first offline store at Station B, Mango TV Star Detective, Sony Home Phone Experience Store, Pink Noise Club, and Erli Music. 19 IP stores such as bars. The block hosts 1 small event per week and 1 influential event per month. Simultaneously launched the immersive RPG puzzle game "Dream Back to Jinling City II·Twilight Spring Hunting" with 6,000 real scenes of civilians throughout the country, plus VR retrospective experience, experience a different kind of life. Multiple real-life interactive puzzle games, multiple story lines interlocking, free exploration, random triggering of decryption events!

「Chaozhou space vitality block」

Located in the northeast area of the pavilion, adjacent to Lung Poon Road, it seamlessly connects with exit 2B of Shinjo Station of Metro Line 3, through night lighting and internet celebrities to further enhance the business atmosphere, create a new“Trendy SPACE vitality district”, the construction of trendy food tide fun fun new consumer SPACE, to meet the diverse cultural needs of blending tradition and modernity, the categories include: Lakeside Impression Teahouse, Gale's Restaurant Happy Teahouse, Saok Custom Party Space, Helen's Bistro, Owl Bistro, Jili Bistro, Flower Market Road restaurant, Lo Mein.

「Flower wedding Lishe high-end wedding hall」

      With an area of 7300 square meters, it has 7 wedding banquet halls and 3 ceremony halls with a height of 8 meters. It focuses on medium and high-end wedding one-stop services such as wedding banquet, wedding celebration and wedding dress rental. It has the first exclusive naked eye 3D holographic projection wedding in Jiangsu, the largest 12 constellation themed ceremony hall in China, and Disney Space Dance design. It has created a new Chinese wedding model and new fashion to create a new wedding model for Nanjing and one hour metropolitan area.

「Night Shanghai Minghu Beauty Hotel」

      With an area of 10000 square meters, it has more than 60 luxury private rooms, which can accommodate more than 1000 people to eat at the same time. It can hold business banquets, birthday banquets, wedding banquets, family banquets, annual meetings, etc. it also includes high-end business and leisure places such as Minghu tea house and Mingya health club, with a fashionable and elegant environment.

「Lakeside impression tea house」

Lakeside tea houses extract new national culture, meet the family entertainment, business leisure, etc. , set up a different environment of tea houses 24.

「Saok custom party space」

It integrates catering, music and customized services, takes fashion brand and culture as the carrier, constructs a brand-new way of thinking and life attitude, gathers the world's top scientific and technological elements, brings together a sense of multiple rituals and participation for young people, and customizes the trend experience of private ownership.

「Happy Teahouse」

      Liang Shuang and Cheng Ming are the owners of the museum. They have gathered powerful professional crosstalk actors from Nanjing and from all over the country, both old masters with profound skills and new generations with keen innovation. Traditional crosstalk infiltrates the local culture of Nanjing, and emits the authentic taste of Jinling through the leisurely charm of tea and the aroma of privately stored stewed meat rice.

「Helens Tavern」

      The offline social platform for young people has 350 + stores distributed in 90 + cities across the country. It provides a good place for young people to get together and chat with trendy European and American music, wine and snacks.

「The cat's head and Baby Bistro」

    The cat's head and Baby Bistrois distributed in 30 + cities, 100 + Direct stores and 40 + per capita consumption. Enjoy it! Release your passion! A gathering place for young people!

「Food Specialties」

Founded in 2014, Gafeng restaurant is a well-known brand in the food and beverage industry. It features authentic Xuzhou food with a long history.

Da Feng Ge Restaurant National Exhibition Center has its own unique features. It is a two-tiered restaurant on the ground and underground in the form of a Da Feng Ge restaurant brand on the ground. On the ground is the first BBQ container restaurant jointly built with the National Exhibition Center. It has a double-decker camping style design, make full use of the tide SPACE vitality of the street square landscape of the ground SPACE, watching the sunset in the moon in the pleasant exhalation of human smoke and fire.

「 Too-Hum Igloo」

“Taihum” brand is affiliated to Guangzhou Xipao Restaurant Management Co. , Ltd. “Tai Hum” features“Three treasures of Hong Kong Tea Restaurant”: Milk Tea, frozen lemon tea, frozen mandarin duck, pineapple oil, creamy sauce, company sandwiches, fish eggs curry, egg ding, tomato beef pasta, tomato beef rice and other special snacks and drinks, hong Kong Gourmet Food Brand jointly created by Hong Kong and local chefs. The brand originated in Hong Kong, “Tai Hum” brand is committed to carry forward Hong Kong Street Food Culture, “Hong Kong people 9 to 5, only one time developed”, all things pay attention to“Idea head”. “Tai Hum” continues to explore the Hong Kong culture for breakthroughs and innovations, bringing food to the market and conveying the profound friendship of Hong Kong compatriots through authentic food culture.