Enterprise Honor

Jiangsu civilized unit

2016-2018 municipal civilized unit

Top ten exhibition venues in Jiangsu Province in 2019

2019 Top Ten Exhibition Venues in Jiangsu Province

2019 Jiangsu Civilized Unit

2019-2021 Nanjing Civilized Unit

Advanced unit of power security work in 2014

2015 Model Staff Home

March 2015 May 1st Women's Model Post

2015 Nanjing Employee Cultural Base

2017 China Top Ten Brand Convention and Exhibition Center

2019-2020 China Exhibition Brand Venues

2020 - Ufi Certificate

In December 2020, create a civilized city excellent unit

Excellent unit of safety production work of Nanjing Tourism Group in 2020

Nanjing Ping An Enterprise in July 2020

Nanjing Hongshan Zoo Appreciation Award

2020--Top Ten Excellent Convention and Exhibition Centers in China-Medal

2021---Special Contribution Unit of Fire Fighting Competition-Certificate

2021---Nanjing Advanced Grassroots Party Organization